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Art is Life. Life is Art.

Welcome to Dimensions Art Studio. Here to support artists, the art-curious, and enthusiasts alike.


Offering Fine Art Sales and Custom Art Services, Mural Services, independent creative workshops, collaborations, and opportunities to get connected in the art community,

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Have you ever wanted to explore new Dimensions?

Creativity is just that! 

As artists, we aim to discover what is possible, what could become something... We are engaged and involved with the world around us. Finding ways of tuning in and becoming fully immersed in the experiences we encounter gives greater access to the the excitement of new inspiration. The motivation moves us to express all that enters (our mind, heart, body, soul, and conscious awareness). A natural phenomenon, like breathing. 

Inhale : Exhale :: Inspiration : Expression 

To expand beyond what we see, we learn to stretch our perception like a muscle. I want to share techniques that can enhance creativity, activate our flow state, embrace connection, add confidence, and help us grow as artists, as people, and as a community. We have an opportunity, right now, to build the kind of future we want to see.


If you are new on your art journey, welcome home!! If you are highly experienced, it is a pleasure to have you here! Undecided and exploring? Fantastic!


Are you a buyer, seeking to grow your collection? You are in the right place.

Some of the greatest connections are found through art. It is deeply personal and meaningful, Sometimes words cannot convey what other mediums can. Art is more than a decoration. Art is an experience. Art has endless potential in form, concept, medium, purpose, and in the impact and influence it holds, what it represents...

That inspiration, too, can be endless. 

We are working to grow as a more conscious, creative, and thriving community. Together, the impact is greater, support is profound, energy is amplified, and it is the gift that keeps on giving!

Art Saves Lives. Art is here for you. Art is whatever you need it to be.


Dimensions Art Studio began with a vision to help our communities to embrace the diverse potential of art and creativity. We have led projects including open education, workshops, pop-up studio events, art and music performances, artist connection/ integration, collaborative projects, and promotion of ideas highlighting the value in these art forms. Our founders have been moved by the cultural wealth and breathtaking beauty found in world class art museums as well as local grassroots galleries. Artistic involvement has been a primary source of connection, support, and growth, and we have decided to launch Dimensions, a studio embracing the endless possibilities of creative expression. 

We are inviting those who are curious about enhancing their own creativity to explore all that we have to offer. Artists are here to offer insight and help facilitate the creative process, aiming to inspire, spread awareness, and promote creativity in its many forms. Art enthusiasts can find and buy artwork to enrich their lives while supporting a growing community of creatives who share the common goal to highlight the beauty, diversity, and potential for growth within ourselves and in the communities we share.


Motivated by the influence of the UnderGround, 2012- The mission has remained the same; as a free-form group of creatives, we gather to express culture and ideas, encouraging expression and connection, and adding to the vibrancy of life. 


The Art of Life

photography by Andrea McCann water surface

Art is powerful.


Inclusive of any medium, accessible by all.


Art gives life; it adds dimension to every aspect of the human experience.


Dimensions that range far and wide, adding to the infinite spectrum, and we are here to expand creatively on what is possible.


To explore and question.

To seek and discover.

We humans are open in our perception of the world, receiving influence from an ongoing flow of new information.


We witness the world around us, we interact and engage, giving our own gifts of expression, and the potential for inspiration exists everywhere. It feeds the heart and soul, the mind, our physical bodies, the part of us that is curious, the dreamer, the visionary.


The messages we share are important.


True beauty exists in awareness, in the exchange of attention and energy, as we invest ourselves fully into receiving all that may present itself in this life.


Sculpture Circle
We must challenge the perceived limits about what art is, and what it could be.
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