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Artist Spotlight

At Dimensions Art Studio, we know what it takes to create great art, and believe that artists should be recognized and rewarded for their work.  Dimensions Studio works to promote new and emerging artists; we can provide support and networking opportunities to grow as an artist and reach your goals for success! Learn more about the artists we’re showcasing today!

Andréa Sunshine

Artist and Founder of Dimensions Art Studio
woman smiling headshot

Founding artist and creative visionary, Andrea has produced artwork and performances ranging in style and modality; from conscious movement, wild nature exploration, and mindfulness practice, to abstract expression and contemporary painting, to modelling and photography, rhythmic connection and more.


Gaining inspiration from the study of psychology, philosophy, nature, and fine art, Andrea's work has been described as vivid and inspiring, heartfelt, and authentic in forms of expression. Andrea aims to dip into the primal energy underlying the human experience, and engages in the mindful exploration of flow and embodiment during her creative process.


Specific Motivations: A special focus on the healing power of art and creativity is integrated into Andrea's practice and this is also integrated in many of our groups and workshops. The arts can be used as a therapeutic tool, allowing for personal empowerment, conscious expansion, and a means of connection as we discover more about ourselves and the world around us.

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